Petscoin is a cryptocurrency developed through the waves blockchain, with the purpose of including the pet’s ecosystem into a new digital era, allowing fast transactions with lower costs and much more transparency than the traditional ways.

We love the animal world! Period.

We need to take care of them.

Because of that, we plan to yearly donate some petscoin tokens to worldwide entities involved in the animal cause.

These entities will be able to generate revenue by exchanging the petscoins received at the WavesDex exchange.


Coin Supply per Year:

2018: 100.000.000 tokens

2019: 50.000.000 tokens


20%: Development team

80%: Market

In order to support the current and future development of Petscoin ecosystem, we have initially generated 100.000.000 tokens.

As a result, the Petscoin development team will initially own 20% of the total coin supply, which will be the main source of funding for all future development.

● 80% of the coins will be time-locked and released in proportional amounts over the course of the next years, to cover future development costs and allow everyone to participate.

● Everyone is able to join the Petscoin ecosystem.


A great appreciation is expected during the next coming years due to the high adoption by pet owners and by everyone who owns a business related to pets around the world.

How to obtain Petscoin

Petscoin can be acquired through WavesDex exchange available at:

You just need to download the wallet or use its online version for free, to have access to the WavesDex exchange.

Once logged in the wallet, you can access the WavesDex exchange and buy Petscoin by depositing a very small fraction of bitcoin, waves or other cryptocurrencies.