Be a Partner to receive 60 Petscoins and have your business announced in our website for free in the first 30 days.

The normal price to advertise your business in our website is 30 Petscoins for each 30 days.

To participate in the Petscoin’s Partnership Program, you just need to upload photos or gifs of your customers’ pets into Petscoin website, and associate petscoins with discounts for products and services in  your store in such a way your customers can use the petscoins received.
For each pet submitted by you into the petscoin website, you will be given a credit of 1 Petscoin.

Do you want more?

Okay….So, as a Petscoin partner, you will also be granted a 50% discount in our store to submit your customers’ pets into petscoin website.
Moreover, every time a pet submitted by you stands out in the Top 10 Ratings by the end of each month, you will also receive the same amount of Petscoins as your customers receive. That’s the way everybody wins!!!

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