We love Pets! And You?

How strong is the love you feel for your pet?

There are lucky persons in the world that are really blessed by having very special pets, the kinds you can always count on as great companions for all moments. They are always there for you!

Have you ever tried to figure out a nice way to virtually demonstrate the importance that your pet has in your life?

If you think that your pet also deserves to have your love and friendship virtually recognized, you are more than invited to participate in The Pets Hall of Fame.

The Pets Hall of Fame is the way you can use to show to the world how special your pet is for you. Yesss!!!! 

You can include an amazing photo or gif of your pet, or a selfie of you and your special one in the Pets Hall of Fame. That’s really nice!

To participate, you just need to access our store, choose your pet’s breed and send us some Petscoin cryptocurrency, along with some information about your pet.

Petscoin cryptocurrency was developed by us and it can be obtained by using the WavesDex exchange.
In order to get and use the Petscoin cryptocurrency, you just need to download and install the waves wallet for free at: https://wavesplatform.com/ , and get Petscoin by exchanging it for traditional cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, waves, ethereum and litecoin, inside the waves wallet exchange. 
Brazilians can access a Tutorial in portuguese for more detailed information, by clicking here.

GREAT NEWS!!! Brazilians now have the chance to add their pets using Pagseguro as payment method. 

Pagseguro is a payment method for exclusive use in Brazil.

Worldwide users (including brazilians) can continue adding their pets by directly sending us petscoins at the order checkout.

You can upload a photo (jpeg) or GIF.
There are many sites you can use to prepare Gifs. One of them is GIPHY

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5/5 (13)
2 Cido
5/5 (12)
3 Frida
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4 Bono
5/5 (10)
5 Giuli
5/5 (10)
6 Husky
4.89/5 (9)


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